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Who We Are

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I travelled the world to teach and to learn. Each time, I returned to my life, family and work more committed to “press forward honoring reality" with a passion to embody and inspirit dialogue that renews trust in the service of justice.

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At DePauw University I developed a keen interest in psychology and theology and began to forge a view that all must be integrated, psychology, spirituality, science, into practical everyday life.

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The complexities of military and civilian life continually intersected and had a formative impact on what would become, for me a quest for fairness, trustworthiness and self disclosure, knowing and being known.

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I am standing at a new twist in the road. I can build on everything that came before. It is time for me to step into the breach – prepared, ready and able. ... to pursue my passion for helping people advocate for themselves

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I am an Anglican priest and have been involved for many years in historical forgiveness in places such as Ireland and Africa. I travel throughout the UK and abroad, lecturing and teaching on listening, healing, forgiveness, reconciliation and blessing.

Barbara R Krasner, PhD
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