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Who We Are

          Russ Parker, DDiv, MDiv
                Anglican Priest
Russ Parker.jpg

I am an Anglican priest and have been involved for many years in historical forgiveness in places such as Ireland and Africa. I was ordained in the Church of England in 1981 and have been Director of Acorn Christian Healing Foundation since 1995, which exists to resource and educate the church in the Christian Healing Ministry. I travel extensively throughout the UK and abroad, lecturing and teaching on listening, healing, forgiveness and reconciliation and am the author of a number of books which include: “Healing Dreams”; “Healing Death’s Wounds”; “Free to Fail”; “Forgiveness is Healing” and “Healing Wounded History”. For the latter work, which is about reconciling peoples and healing places, I was recognized with the award of Doctor of Divinity from Columbia Evangelical Seminary in the United State



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